Fall Update

Good day FOLIC friends,

We continue working with the RCMP and things are moving slowly but they are moving.  Security has been added to the campground and Gerry is getting small projects completed.  The RCMP has put a large amount of money towards the pool and it will be ready for next season.

We would like to advise you that we will be having an Annual General (AGM) meeting via video conference on October 3rd, 2020.

To participate in the AGM, you need to provide us with an email address and you will be invited to join. The AGM is to provide you with an update on the finance and the progress of the camp.
It would be impossible to discuss next year’s season at this time as there are too many unknown.  We will continue to work with the RCMP on solutions for next season and will continue to share the progress with you all through the winter.

What we know is the RCMP continues to be interested in utilizing the facilities.  There are a large demand from the Headquarter employees for physical activities and meeting spaces and they are looking at the camp to facilitate some groups.

Financially, we are doing ok and will most likely survive until next season, we will no longer request the government subsidy for Gerry’s salary as the RCMP will be covering this cost.  The RCMP is writing an amendment to our agreement to include that expense for this year.

We need the membership to vote on one issue at the AGM;  Please be advised that you must have an active and paid membership to have a vote.

We would like to move the executive election by one year.
This means that season 2021, we would have elections for Vice President and the Activity Director
Season 2022 we would have elections for the President and Aquatic Director.  This way we stay on a schedule that provides an overlap for continuity.

We sold approximately 40 memberships and approximately 15 are from the storage areas from members who usually don’t attend or vote at the AGM. Having an election with only 30 some members or requesting members to buy membership just for an election seems unethical for this year.

Please send your questions for the AGM ahead of time and we will have an answer at the meeting.  Please send your question to both email address below;
secretary@folic.ca and  president@folic.ca

If you haven’t paid for the whole year, please contact Gerry to pay in full for the winter. The storage fee is one dollar per foot per month plus the cost of the yearly membership fee if you haven’t purchased it this year.

Please remember that if you want to vote at the AGM, you must purchase a membership and if you want to attend the AGM, please provide us with an email address so you can be invited to join.

Please stay healthy and safe,
Your Executive

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Membership Update

It has been brought to our attention that some of our members are not receiving the emails which have been sent out by the executive. Therefore we are asking any past or present FOLIC members who are not receiving the emails, or who have a change of address or phone number, to fill out the form below so we can update our records accordingly.  https://forms.gle/C4bXdunheHwfY5JZ8

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Campground Closure

We are very sad to advise all of you that your executive was advised by the RCMP that FOLIC will be closed for campers this season due to the following reasons;

Campsites are compact and in close proximity to each other and maintaining 2 meters separations along access routes would be challenging;

Kitchen, washroom, BBQ and playground facilities are shared and the RCMP is not well positioned to maintain an acceptable level of disinfection; and Insurance obtained through the Friends of Long Island Camp (FOLIC) does not cover risks associated with COVID 19.

As the owners of the property, the RCMP still has to meet basic responsibilities to maintain the property and to ensure all health and safety obligations are met. As Gerry will continue to assist the RCMP in coordination of this role, they will reimburse FOLIC for his expenses as the economic impact to FOLIC will be substantial without the campers this season.

For anyone who has a trailer in storage and wish to keep it there, please be advised that the fee will be the same, $1 per foot per month. Due to the layout of the compound if you wish to remove your trailer, there will be a $20 fee and it will be for the whole camping season, meaning you will not be allowed to bring your trailer back until the end of the season. Please contact Gerry via email at longislandcamp@rogers.com to make an appointment to remove your trailer.

We are extremely thankful to the RCMP for helping us in these difficult times.

we will continue to advise you of any developments.


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2020 Draw Night Postponed

Please be advised that the 2020 FOLIC Draw Night originally scheduled for Thursday May 7th has been postponed until further notice due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

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Temporary Campground Closure

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the campground and all facilities are closed until further notice.  Please know that all post dated cheques for April 1st for bookings already made, will not be deposited at this time.  The Camp Manager will confirm bookings at a later date when we know what the camping season is going to look like. 

Thanks for your understanding. 


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2020 Draw Night

Draw night for the 2020 camping season will be held on Thursday May 7th 2020. Registration begins at 6pm with the draw to follow at 6:30pm. Trailers to be placed on sites the following week, weather permitting. A copy of the 2020 Membership application form can be located by following this link  2020 Membership application form.

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End of season Notice

It has been a great summer and the camping season is fast coming to an end. All camp sites need to be vacated by end of day Monday Oct 8th. . Power and water supply to the sites will be shut down that day. If you are taking your trailer away for the winter please make sure it is off site by then. For those planning on having Gerry move it to the storage area it must be ready to go by Monday Oct 8th 2018 and a storage waiver form completed and submit with payment to Gerry before Oct 8th, 2018. All Rogers cable boxes and accessories must also be returned to Gerry.


Fall clean up it is a big job which includes moving the trailers into the compound, picking up leaves and debris. This year contractors will be coming in to cut down some trees that are dead or sick and have become a hazard so a completely vacated park is absolutely required. As in past years you may stack the things you plan on leaving at the camp on the sites close to the washrooms keeping in mind that FOLIC or the RCMP assumes no responsibility for any losses or damage to items left there over the winter.

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2018 Elections


Position for election:

(1) Vice President 2 Year term
(2) Director of Aquatics 2 year term

The job descriptions are located in the FOLIC charter. Volunteer board members receive an honorarium.
All current (2018) full, associate and family members 18 yrs or older are eligible to vote. One vote per membership is permitted. You must present your membership card at the polling station.
Nominations for election to the above noted position must be received by email or in writing by 5 August 2018 to:

FOLIC Secretary
415 Nicolls Island Rd.
P O Box 17, Manotick, Ont.
K4M 1A2
E-MAIL: Secretary@folic.ca

Voting date: Sept, 2nd 2018 1PM
Polling station: Woodhall, Long Island Camp


Position à l’élection: terme

(1) Vice Presideent 2 Année.
(2) Candidatures au poste de directeur/directrice aquatique.

Les membres du conseil d’administration bénévoles reçoivent des honoraires
La description de poste pour le vice-président se trouve dans la charte FOLIC.

Tous (2018) membres titulaires, familial et associés actuels de 18 ans ou plus sont admissibles à voter. Un vote par membre est autorisé. Vous devez présenter votre carte de membre au bureau de vote.
Les mises en candidature pour l’élection au poste mentionné ci-dessus doivent être reçues par courriel ou par écrit le 5 Août 2018:

Secrétaire FOLIC
415 Nicolls Island Rd.
P O Box 17, Manotick, Ont.
K4M 1A2
E-MAIL: Secretary@folic.ca

Date du vote: 2 septembre 2018 13:00
Bureau de vote: Woodhall, RCMP Long Island CampVolunteer board members receive an honorarium.

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2018 Camp Activities

Click the link below to see a PDF listing the 2018 activities.

Copy of Activities final 2018

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2017 Election Results

The 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on September 3rd, 2017 at 1pm in Wood Hall.
Elections results: (2 year term):
(1) President – Hélène Lavallée
(2) Secretary – Georges Turgeon
(3) Director of Activities – Tara Laderoute


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