Fall Update

Good day FOLIC friends,

We continue working with the RCMP and things are moving slowly but they are moving.  Security has been added to the campground and Gerry is getting small projects completed.  The RCMP has put a large amount of money towards the pool and it will be ready for next season.

We would like to advise you that we will be having an Annual General (AGM) meeting via video conference on October 3rd, 2020.

To participate in the AGM, you need to provide us with an email address and you will be invited to join. The AGM is to provide you with an update on the finance and the progress of the camp.
It would be impossible to discuss next year’s season at this time as there are too many unknown.  We will continue to work with the RCMP on solutions for next season and will continue to share the progress with you all through the winter.

What we know is the RCMP continues to be interested in utilizing the facilities.  There are a large demand from the Headquarter employees for physical activities and meeting spaces and they are looking at the camp to facilitate some groups.

Financially, we are doing ok and will most likely survive until next season, we will no longer request the government subsidy for Gerry’s salary as the RCMP will be covering this cost.  The RCMP is writing an amendment to our agreement to include that expense for this year.

We need the membership to vote on one issue at the AGM;  Please be advised that you must have an active and paid membership to have a vote.

We would like to move the executive election by one year.
This means that season 2021, we would have elections for Vice President and the Activity Director
Season 2022 we would have elections for the President and Aquatic Director.  This way we stay on a schedule that provides an overlap for continuity.

We sold approximately 40 memberships and approximately 15 are from the storage areas from members who usually don’t attend or vote at the AGM. Having an election with only 30 some members or requesting members to buy membership just for an election seems unethical for this year.

Please send your questions for the AGM ahead of time and we will have an answer at the meeting.  Please send your question to both email address below;
secretary@folic.ca and  president@folic.ca

If you haven’t paid for the whole year, please contact Gerry to pay in full for the winter. The storage fee is one dollar per foot per month plus the cost of the yearly membership fee if you haven’t purchased it this year.

Please remember that if you want to vote at the AGM, you must purchase a membership and if you want to attend the AGM, please provide us with an email address so you can be invited to join.

Please stay healthy and safe,
Your Executive