Presidents Message

Dear FOLIC members,

First we the executive and on behalf of all of the FOLIC members would like to welcome Chris Byrne to the FOLIC family as our new manager. Chris officially became the manager on April 1st and is doing an amazing job.

We thank Gerry Labelle for his dedicated service of 32 years as the FOLIC manager. He will never know how much his dedication and friendship meant to the executive, many FOLIC families, the RCMP and many community groups.  Thankfully we will continue to see Gerry as he will be assisting Chris during this season.

Your executive continues to work with the RCMP with our agreement and usage of the centre.  The review by the RCMP is still ongoing but our relationship building did not decelerate with RCMP sections and indigenous reconciliation and its communities for the usage of the centre.  Our operations plan was forwarded to the RCMP and we are now updating the document with some suggestions.

Our name is officially changed to Friends of Long Island Centre (FOLIC).

Our winter festival in February was a huge success with much interests in utilizing our centre for both professional and personal usage.  The event attracted several employees and their families who didn’t know what our centre had to offer. The National Police Federation is impress with our facility and will continue with their support for events and advertising. The centre was occupied from October to present with several RCMP business lines and community groups.

Season 2023

Memberships are available for purchase (go to for qualifications and application form)

Cabins/cottage are available for rentals (go to for availability and application form)

Draw night for seasonal sites May 11th

Seasonal campers must have valid liability insurance for their camper.

Trailer/camp sites season May 20th to October 9th (weather permitting)

Cabin rentals season June 30th to September 4th

Fireworks event for Canada Day June 30th

Opening Day July 8th

Retirement Celebration July 15th

Buckledown band September 2nd

Your lifeguards have suggested theme weeks for the season;

Some ideas provided are as follow but could be change with other suggestions; Disco, Survivor, Hawaiian, Walt Disney, Christmas, Halloween, Carnival and 150th anniversary of the RCMP.

Swimming lessons will be from July 3rd to August 25th. Registration will continue to take place with the lifeguards.

We are hoping to hear back from the Canada Summer Jobs program by the end of April in regards to our application for 4 students to be hired for the season for different duties around the centre. Students attending school and returning to school in the fall of 2023 from the age of 15 to 30 years old, interested should send their resume to our manager Chris at

Anyone interested with completing their high school voluntary hours should also contact our manager Chris at for many available opportunities.

We welcome any activity suggestions FOLIC families wish to organise. Please contact Chris via for any suggestions and planning of events.    Funds have been budgeted for these activities and a process will be put in place to initiate each activity.

Traditional movie nights, dances and bingo nights can be arranged by responsible volunteers. All the equipment is available upon demand.

We are excited for this season and are looking forward to see you all,

Your FOLIC executive