Spring Update / Draw Night 2023

Draw night for seasonal campsites will be held on Thursday May 11th 2023 at Wood Hall. Registration will begin at 6:00pm with the draw to follow at approximatley 06:30pm.

As part of the annual discussions with the RCMP, the recommendation was made that FOLIC conduct a review of their membership applications to ensure all those applying for membership with FOLIC meet the requirements of the category they are applying in.


To ensure our records are current in all aspects, 2023 season applications must be filled out in their entirety. Additional documentation (if needed) may be requested to support an application at the discretion of the camp manager. Additional documentation which could be requested include but are not limited to:

-Documentation to show current employment status with the (Full or Associate member) applicants respective Police agency.
-Proof of retirement status for applicable applicants in the Full member category.
-Supporting documentation to show family status for applicants under the Family member category.

Applicants for Friend memberships for those wishing to take part in the seasonal camp site draw must be submitted for review by May 1st 2023. Supporting documentation must be included regarding the sponsor ie: (name, contact #, sponsors current FOLIC membership status).

Valid liability insurance is required for all trailers prior to placement on any site.