Campground Closure

We are very sad to advise all of you that your executive was advised by the RCMP that FOLIC will be closed for campers this season due to the following reasons;

Campsites are compact and in close proximity to each other and maintaining 2 meters separations along access routes would be challenging;

Kitchen, washroom, BBQ and playground facilities are shared and the RCMP is not well positioned to maintain an acceptable level of disinfection; and Insurance obtained through the Friends of Long Island Camp (FOLIC) does not cover risks associated with COVID 19.

As the owners of the property, the RCMP still has to meet basic responsibilities to maintain the property and to ensure all health and safety obligations are met. As Gerry will continue to assist the RCMP in coordination of this role, they will reimburse FOLIC for his expenses as the economic impact to FOLIC will be substantial without the campers this season.

For anyone who has a trailer in storage and wish to keep it there, please be advised that the fee will be the same, $1 per foot per month. Due to the layout of the compound if you wish to remove your trailer, there will be a $20 fee and it will be for the whole camping season, meaning you will not be allowed to bring your trailer back until the end of the season. Please contact Gerry via email at to make an appointment to remove your trailer.

We are extremely thankful to the RCMP for helping us in these difficult times.

we will continue to advise you of any developments.