End of season Notice

It has been a great summer and the camping season is fast coming to an end. All camp sites need to be vacated by end of day Monday Oct 8th. . Power and water supply to the sites will be shut down that day. If you are taking your trailer away for the winter please make sure it is off site by then. For those planning on having Gerry move it to the storage area it must be ready to go by Monday Oct 8th 2018 and a storage waiver form completed and submit with payment to Gerry before Oct 8th, 2018. All Rogers cable boxes and accessories must also be returned to Gerry.


Fall clean up it is a big job which includes moving the trailers into the compound, picking up leaves and debris. This year contractors will be coming in to cut down some trees that are dead or sick and have become a hazard so a completely vacated park is absolutely required. As in past years you may stack the things you plan on leaving at the camp on the sites close to the washrooms keeping in mind that FOLIC or the RCMP assumes no responsibility for any losses or damage to items left there over the winter.