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Posted 2 months ago

Good morning,There has been an increase of “late night visitors” to the parking lot area lately and FOLIC would like to remind everyone that any items that have been left near the washrooms are done so at the owners risk. Should you have anything there that you wish to retrieve, please contact Gerry to obtain access to the campground for that purpose only. Also, for anyone who is planning to continue to store their trailer at the compound the storage fees are again coming due ($1/foot per month) as well as the membership which is also required to utilize the storage compound. As with last year, if you are removing your camper it must be for the entire season. Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 2 months ago

Hello FOLIC friends,As the summer draws closer and during a time that we would normally be preparing for the draw we remain in a realm of uncertainty. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic ,the province and more specifically Ottawa, remain in a lock-down. While there have been some encouraging changes in the numbers of infections locally we are not out of the woods yet. In light of this and the uncertainty about if and when the restrictions will be loosened, we have been advised today that at this time, the RCMP will not support the reopening of the campground this summer.The RCMP does remain committed to the sustainability of the campground and have continued to invest in improvements to the infrastructure and amenities, examples of this are the repairs to both the swimming pools, new aluminum doors for the cabins, four new showers for the campground washrooms new fencing and a front gate.As always we will be sure to share any updates with you as they come our way.Thank you for your patience and understanding, stay healthy and safe!Your FOLIC executive. ... See MoreSee Less

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